Tawang, oh Tawang,
Land of mystic beauty and charm,
Nestled amidst the mountains high,
A place where heaven seems nigh.

The snow-capped peaks that rise so tall,
The rolling hills that never fall,
The glistening lakes that shine so bright,
The verdant forests that bring delight.

A land of ancient monasteries,
Where prayer flags flutter in the breeze,
And the chants of monks fill the air,
A place of peace and spiritual care.

The people here are warm and kind,
Their smiles will ease your troubled mind,
Their culture rich and diverse,
Their traditions you will surely immerse.

Tawang, a place that's hard to forget,
A place you'll cherish and won't regret,
A land of wonder and mystery,
A place that will forever be in your memory.




Explore Tawang, a Himalayan haven in Arunachal Pradesh. Marvel at the majestic Tawang Monastery, indulge in scenic beauty with snow-capped peaks, lakes, and waterfalls. Immerse in local festivals, relish Tibetan cuisine. Enjoy a hassle-free trip with our expert guides, accommodation, and custom itineraries. Uncover the charm of Tawang!

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